Monday, April 13, 2009

Just a quick entry, not feeling much in the mood for anything other than sitting around taking up extra space and wasting oxygen. I'm planning to go job-hunting tomorrow, guess I'll try the nursing homes & restaurants. Greg wants me to take other action, but I really doubt I could win against "the queen bee".
I'll keep ya posted on what happens.

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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Hi guys, I just wanted to say luv ya'll and miss ya'll and ya'll can contact my anytime here. I will always be here for you guys no matter what! Love you guys, & hope to see as many of you as possible at the fishing trip Saturday, we will be bank fishing, so just come on over to where we are and let's have some fun! :)

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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Yeah, I know it's been 100 years since I posted, but I'm gonna try to start making some pretty regular posts. I think this will be an excellent way for "my kids" to find me & keep in touch. Oh, and by "my kids", I mean the kids from school ;)

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Wednesday, September 7, 2005

Hello everyone, this is Greg making a post to update everyone on Aretha’s condition and progress.

Aretha sustained a knee injury at the end of March, or the first of April. We thought it was a simple sprain, but she was getting progressively worse. She had to wear an immobilizer brace and be on crutches for several weeks and that did not help her. The Doctors became convinced she had torn her ACL, so she went for an MRI series, but nothing showed up, so they decided it must be a miniscus tear, with a possible slight ACL tear, one too small to be seen on the MRI.

Aretha had knee surgery the first of July and was on crutches for several weeks. She has been having intense and very painful physical therapy three times or more per week and is very slowly making progress. She is able to spend more time using her cane now, but she still has times where she is unable to get around without her crutches.

She is very upset and depressed about things, because she cannot be online, but because her leg does not move well, and does not really bend she is not able to sit at a desk, and due to the positions she must lie in, her laptop is just collecting dust.

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Thursday, March 31, 2005

Well here I am being a slacker again..I wanted to post before now, but it is hard even now to put thoughts and feelings into words. I guess the only way is to start at the beginning..
Friday evening, Greg, Waymond, Angela & myself all headed to Knoxville for a little shopping and to get some bourbon chicken. We had a great time laughing and just enjoying the time out, we stopped at Ruby Tuesday on the way home, and while Angela & the guys ate I had a couple of drinks, and then we dropped Waymond off at his truck and then we headed on home.
When we got here, I came on in the house to put my purse & keys up while Greg was going to bring in the bags, when I went back outside to get Angela I didn't see Greg so I stepped around to see if he was on the other side of the house with Brodie, he looked up and told me not to come any closer, I didn't understand why so I took a couple of steps and then I saw why he wanted me to stay up on the sidewalk, Brodie was laying beside the back wall dead. Someone had unhooked him from his runner chain and had killed him, we called and had a deputy come out and make a report and he couldn't figure out the actual cause of death, and then when he finished we buried Brodie about 2am. We didn't want to do an autopsy, because that just didn't feel right, but we have talked to several vets, and the people we bought him from and from everything we saw they say that because of all of the blood and the fact that he had his jaws "locked", and his tongue was not completely intact, inside his mouth, it sounds like someone had poisoned him, or a very small possibility of someone having cut his tongue.
Bear is ok though, nothing at all had been done to him, so we are assuming that they chose to kill Brodie because he was more protective than Bear, and would bite a stranger.

My emotions just keep running in circles, I go thru the same basic grief pattern everyday, it feels like a neverending cycle, and I always end in the same place, I want & need revenge on the sleezebag that did this. I don't understand how anyone could kill a 7 month old puppy, he may have been 40lbs, and been on the big side, but he was still just a puppy.
Chantaye is taking it harder than we expected and has had to miss school one day this week because she is so upset. Angela just doesn't seem to understand, she keeps saying he ran away and will be back soon, and I don't know how to make her understand, I took her out and let her see his house is gone, and the cage we kept inside is gone, and took her to where we buried him, but everyday she asks if Brodie is back yet. Bradley has been the easiest one, but he is afraid of all animals no matter how small, except fish, so maybe that's a good thing, I don't know.
Anyway, that is why I haven't been around for a few days, I hope to get around and visit tonight or tomorrow, but it will all depend on how things go once the kids get home from school, whether I have any time on the computer.

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